Karrie Seaton, Principal Designer

Karrie cannot remember a time in her life when she wasn’t responding to the environment around her. She realized at a very early age that changing your personal surroundings can have a major impact on your emotions and well being.

After working for a commercial design firm for several years, she followed her instincts and moved to residential design. Design is a process that allows the client’s individual personality to be paired with functional practicality, all combining to create a unique environment that is specific to that home. She became a designer because she loves the process of design, the opportunity to explore what is needed and what is desired in a space, and the alchemy of bringing it all together.  All in all, it’s not a bad way to spend a work day.

BA, Art History

BS, Interior Design

Allied Member ASID

Member, Davidson County Homebuilder’s Association

Stephanie Handley, Interior Designer

Stephanie was stolen away from business school when a friend twisted her arm to visit the O’More School of Design. She set one foot on campus, fell in love, and never looked back. Since graduating from O’More in 2008, Stephanie has gathered design experience from a myriad of sources. Among her many talents, she is our office countertop and natural stone guru (seriously, we have yet to ask her a question to which she didn’t know the answer). When she isn’t at J & K, you can usually find Stephanie playing with her two dogs or planning a design ambush on friends and relatives. 

BFA Interior Design